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Safety and good health is of most importance to everyone. But, when lives are at stake we are here to help.
Since 1982, GMBR Bush Pilots Search and Rescue has worked with air crash, boating, parachuting, bombing and fire incidents to insure safety and preserve lives.
Our concern is that survivors of air, land and sea accidents not suffer from the following:
1. injury, abuse, assault or kidnapping
2. loss of housing, food, clothing or cash
3. robbery
4. starvation or lack of sleep
5. exposure to extreme temperatures and harsh conditions
6. poor health or needed perscriptions
"Whether Lost In The Wilderness Or In A Metropolis...Let Us Rescue You" GMBR Bush Pilots
GMBR Operations Chief
Karen L. Hall USAF
GMBR Bush Pilots Search and Rescue
(213) 814-2361
To make a donation: We are searching 24 hours.
GMBR Bush Pilots Pt. Mugu NAWS, Los Angeles AFB SMO 90401 Ca. USA 800-616-3775 x61 x2522 xLOSA

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